ULUDA─× AYAKKABI Ltd. was founded in 1975 in Bursa/Turkey. The company has been growing for three generations without any concessions and has been specialized in manufacturing of woman shoes and wholesale trade. U.A.S. Ltd. makes manufacturing for its own brand of CHARMIA. Also, U.A.S. Ltd., does make production of private label for other companies around the world. The main line is of Casual, Fantasy, Boots, Sandals and Sports. Shoes are designed by our stylist team in convenience with international fashion trends. In addition to fashion trends, foot health and comfort of use are also cared for. The company presents a wide range of products varying as genuine leather, imitation and blended and provides all necessary laboratory test results. Production is order oriented. Production is conforming to the standards of security, environment and quality. New products are specially subjected to quality control in the last phase before the packaging. We focus on specializing on export-oriented production. For this reason, our main principle in production is produduction in-time and delivery of products which are of desired quality.

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